Fishing Equipment for Beginners

Starting a new hobby can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. Making sure that you’re equipped and got the right tools with you will make it more enjoyable. If you’re not sure where to start, read on!

Fishing Rods and Reel has a lot of wide range in the market. Choose a lightweight pre-assembled fishing combo if you’re just starting, ideally, a decent quality medium action rod is a great setup to learn with. Another tip when choosing your weapon choice is to go for one that’s around 30 cm longer than your height.

Fishing Line usually comes with the rods and reel if you purchase the combo set. But in any case that it doesn’t, it never hurts to purchase an extra line. A 4 to 12-pound monofilament fishing line is best for beginners.

Lures are basically artificial baits, you can also choose live baits that can be purchased at a fishing tackle or sporting goods stores. Lures are important to have when fishing, as there will be times that you may run out of living baits, in some cases, you’ll find lures more useful than live ones.

Tackle Box is just like your everyday toolbox, the only difference is that it should only have your fishing equipment. Tackle boxes will help keep your tools organized and transport your gear.

Line Cutters will help you trim excess lines. If you can’t find one, fingernail clippers or scissors would suffice.

Fish Hooks are used to catch fish by poking them in the mouth, there are various types of hooks, but for starters, it is recommended to use numbers 6 – 10 sizes. Without this, you can’t catch anything, so make sure to stock up assorted fish hooks on your tackle box.

Sinkers from the word itself make your hook and bait sink under the water and help swing it away from the shore, it is an essential part of your fishing tool that you need to get, single hooks are the best ones for beginners. Getting plenty of this is recommended as you might lose them at some point.

Fishing Attire such as hats and sunglasses are a must! UV polarized sunglasses and UPF hats are the best ones to get as it helps you get additional protection. Choosing the right clothing and gear for your fishing trip will help your experience be a lot more comfortable, relaxed, and fun.

Hopefully, this article gives you an idea or inspiration for choosing the right equipment. Whether you go fishing as a hobby or just a random activity, being prepared would go a long way. Who knows, you might be the next King of Fishing in your hometown!