Women’s Work Boots

Construction concept background of toolbelt yellow boots goggles ant tools on plywood

Mention women’s shoes for work, and you’re bound to find a bevy of flats and high heels. For decades, women have had to wear men’s boots when working construction, electrical, or any other gig that requires protective footwear. This was a serious problem, as women don’t have smaller versions of men’s feet.

Our feet are different from the arch to the lateral side and even the toe shape. Thankfully, businesses are catching on, and women’s work boots are now functional and well-fitting, in proper sizes and wit h the occasional flair of fun. We searched the internet for the most well-reviewed work boot brands for women, and we are happy to say there are some excellent choices out there. Check out the four we have chosen below!

Skechers Workshire

For a functional boot that comes in both regular and wide sizes, the Skechers Workshire line offers affordability and protection. These steel-toed boots come in black and brown, are made of Buffalo leather, and have metal eyelets for durability. Their lug-traction rubber outsole makes for a great non-slip grip, and they come with a removable memory foam insole for maximum support.

Timberland PRO

Waterproof steel-toed boots are crucial for many workers. Timberland has released a PRO line for women that lives up to their brand. They come in Wheat Nubuck and are available in sizes 5 through 12 (though not in a wide version). They’re designed with comfort in mind for hours of work per day and offer electrical hazard protection for the wearer. They’ve had a men’s version out for many years, so it’s nice they’ve finally taken the time to recognize that hardworking women need reliable boots, too.

Redwing Classic Moc

Available in twelve colors, these Classic Moc’s were initially designed for men. Redwing redesigned the fit for women, and they’re known as some of the most durable and comfortable shoes on the market. They’re available in sizes 5 through 12, and each one comes in either regular or wide. They’re made of soft leather with Traction Tred technology for those long days on your feet when reliable shoes can make or break you by day’s end. Redwing suggests wearing them as often as possible before taking them out on the job, as they’ll slowly conform for the best fit.

P&F Workwear Steel Toe

For a feminine touch to a hardwo rking boot, the P&F Workwear line offers fun colors and zipper versus lace-up versatility. They’re made of lightweight Nubuck leather, with a shock-resistant insole, cambrelle lining, and a double-density outsole. They’re available in sizes 5 through 12, though like the Timberland, they are not available in wides. P&F suggests sizing up by half when purchasing their workwear boots for the best fit.

These boots were chosen based on consumer reviews, but there are a few things to keep in mind when boot shop ping. Quality work boots may be pricey, but they’ll last longer than cheaper versions that aren’t as well made. Even so, you shouldn’t be paying a pink tax for women’s versions. Always check and see which companies have comparable prices for men and women. Instead of buying the men’s version because they’re cheaper, go with a different company and support the makers that understand we work just as hard!