A Woman’s Guide on What to Wear for Fishing

One can argue that fishing is mostly for men, but nowadays, more and more women grow an appreciation for this beautiful water sport. And though it is quite hard to find clothes for women anglers at your local sporting store, there are more varieties you can find online. Dressing up properly for fishing is also important as you want to be comfortable, not wearing the proper clothes can also risk your health and safety.

Continue reading this article so that we can guide you through different garments and their importance.

Base Layer Shirt

Wear light and breathable clothing, such as basic t-shirts, tank tops, long-sleeved shirts that are usually made from polyester or nylon as they are the best choice for layering. These materials will help you keep dry and comfortable. Layering your basics would be a great help because when you’re offshore, it can be difficult to predict the weather. In this way, you can layer up if the weather is cold, or remove some layers if it starts to feel warm.

Jacket or Hoodie

As mentioned earlier, it is difficult to predict the weather, so having an extra layer of protection from the wet and cold would be worth it. Jackets or hoodies are your top layers, so this means wearing waterproof, wind-proof, and rip-resistant materials is the best choice when choosing your apparel for fishing.

Shorts or Pants

Pants are more preferred than shorts as they can protect your legs from UV rays, stray fishhooks, or even insect bites! Avoid wearing denim shorts as they get a bit heavy and uncomfortable when wet, they also dry up slower. If you’re not comfortable wearing pants, there are convertible lightweight pants you can purchase. It is a big hit as you can turn your pants into shorts.


There are different types of footwear you can use. Sandals, boots, or sneakers are all good options for you to wear. When choosing the right footwear, you need to keep in mind that there’s a high chance your feet can get wet, so choose the ones that are quick to dry, waterproof, or water-resistant.


Aside from thinking of what to wear on a fishing trip, you should also think about what you need to bring such as a ponytail especially if you have long hair, as this can get quite annoying while fishing and your hair goes all over your face because of the wind. Sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses are good accessories to bring to protect yourself from the harsh sun.

Most clothing apparels for fishing are neutral colors, but if you search a bit more, you can find stores that sell fun and quirky design options! No matter what clothing apparel you’d like to buy, make sure you’re comfortable and you feel great while wearing them. Nothing sets the mood best when you feel great!