Top 5 Best Fishing Movies

Fishing is a good way to relax if you would like to spend some alone time, but you know the saying, no man’s an island! Sharing your fishing experiences would encourage your buddies to enjoy this leisure with you, if that did not work, try suggesting these films on your next movie trip.

1. Gone Fishin’ (1997)

This movie is about two lifelong friends starring veterans Joe Pesci and Danny Glover who found out they won a fishing trip to Florida, the movie highlights their comedic and disastrous adventures that will surely get your feet up laughing. If your buddies think that fishing is boring, play this movie to have a good, hearty laugh and who knows, they might be the first ones to plan the fishing trip!

2. Ondine (2009)

If you are fond of supernatural and mythical characters, Ondine, starring Hollywood’s biggest star, Colin Farrell is a great film to watch. The story is about a lonely Irish fisherman who unbeknownst to him, found a beautiful creature stuck on his net and befriends her. Fans of romantic and fantasy films will not be disappointed.

3. The Perfect Storm (2000)

Based on a true story, this film is about a daring man with his crew, a group of seasoned professionals out in the sea, facing one of the greatest storms, this film highlights how tough a commercial fisherman’s job can be. Brace yourself as this movie can get you on the edge of your seat!

4. Low and Clear (2012)

If you are up for a documentary film, Low & Clear is one of the best fishing movies you need to see. It’s about two old friends who reunited for a fishing trip and realized what caused their friendship to drift apart and how they changed over time. You’ll appreciate the beauty of nature after watching this film.

5. Jaws (1975) 

Undeniably, Jaws is one of the best classic films of all time. But, if you’re going to watch this with a friend who’s already afraid of the ocean, better think twice about letting them see this movie. If you’re up for some scary fun trip, this film would make you fear the ocean, or develop shark fear. Nevertheless, this is a good movie to watch, so make sure not to miss it!

There are still a lot of lists to watch about fishing, aside from movies, you can encourage your friends and family to go with you on your next fishing trip by sending them photos or articles relating to fishing. This activity has a reputation to be a tedious act to some, but you will be surprised how engaging most of them would be if you show them interesting articles.