Why Fishing is the Best Hobby in the World

A lot of individuals enjoy outdoor activities such as camping, sports, gardening, or even something simple such as dog walking. But when it comes to fishing, a lot of people turns their back. Fishing does not usually come across as interesting with the young generation they think of it as tedious and boring. But contrary to popular belief, fishing will give you a renewed sense of excitement each trip you make.

In this day of age, we try to find ways to get out of the house more often as the pandemic really took a toll on our mental health. Staying indoors 24/7 can be quite stressful to most, especially since we have taken our work inside our house, this made it more difficult to stay active and healthy. If you’re someone who’s looking for a new hobby that promotes fun and relaxation, at the same time challenging yet rewarding, fishing is a great hobby to try this year!

Studies have shown that fishing lowers your stress hormone which can last for weeks! It gives you a sense of relief from stress and feels free as you’re one with nature. The challenges you may face when fishing such as fixing your rod, reeling your fish, or finding new fishing spots will help develop your problem-solving skills and improve your creative thinking. These are just a few of the health benefits you can get with fishing.

Another big thing about fishing is that you can get together and build strong relationships with your family and friends. Since the pandemic, we were not able to be with our loved ones physically as it will be a risk for our health due to the COVID-19. Outdoor hobbies is definitely a good choice for the new normal as it allows us to enjoy the company of other people while being socially distanced instead of bonding with them over the internet.

The best part about fishing is that you get to enjoy what you reap! No one will argue that the fish you caught is healthier, and tastes far better than the ones sold at the market. Fish are high in Omega 3 fatty acids and it is found that wild fish are low in cholesterol, these elements reduce the risk of stroke and lower blood pressure.

In this generation, especially due to the pandemic, both children and adults are constantly exposed to technology with their computers, tablets, and mobile devices. Going fishing will help you breathe fresh air, relax under the trees, enjoy the calming water, and get a chance to be soaked up with Vitamin D from the sun which will help your immune system and fights off depression and stress.