What You Need to Know When Looking for Women’s Hunting Clothes

Hunting is not as easy as the movies portray it to be. Choosing the clothes you would wear on a hunting trip is as important as bringing a rifle with you. Hunting will test your patience as you may spend almost the entire day, so being comfortable and knowing the proper hunting gear can make or break your hunting experience. Here’s what you need to know when choosing the right hunting apparel for women.

Shirts and Jackets

Movement is very important. When choosing a jacket or vest, go for the shorter length which is from your shoulders to waist that has an insulated liner, this will give you versatility during unpredictable weather. Your shirt should have gusseted underarms to increase mobility, if you have a smaller waistline, make sure it is tapered as this will eliminate the bulk when you wear boxy cut or oversized shirts. It is best to tuck in your shirt, extended shirts are recommended for an easy tuck.


A smaller waistline with a wider fit through the hips would be a great feature for layering. If you would like to bring accessories such as a knife or your energy bar, you should get pants that have an option for belt loops or ones that has a lot of pouches for easy access to your gears or accessories. Another popular option is an adjustable pair of pants that has a strip within the waist and can be adjusted to 3 to 4 buttons.


The first thing you must look for is a perfect size, as mentioned earlier, comfort is the key, and besides, you wouldn’t want to be in a forest with a lost pair of shoes. This will also prevent you to have unnecessary discomfort and injury when hunting. There is also a possibility that you will encounter wetness when you hunt, so make sure to find boots that are 100% waterproof.


A camo baseball hat should suffice, but if you’re feeling less thrifty you can get hunting hats for each season. You’ll be needing a hunting hat to keep you warm during winter. Another option is to wear a face mask if the weather is extremely cold. The type of hat you’ll need will depend on the weather and what you’ll be hunting for. Booney hats are also popular when hunting during the summer as they will protect your face and head from sunburn.

When choosing garments with zippers or buttons, or even the fabric itself, make sure to get the quiet ones as the wild will hear the slightest unusual noise and bolt. Your hunting clothes can make or break your trip, so choose wisely and have a fantastic hunting adventure!