Pros and Cons of Hunting

Hunting has a long history and is practiced since the 14th century. In our generation today, there have been a lot of debates and arguments leading to the approval and disapproval of hunting. The hunting debate may take long to be resolved, but if you’re looking for answers to whether or not hunting is a vital part of our human existence, continue to read the Pros and Cons below.

1. Environment

PROS: Hunting helps control the wildlife population, the environment may suffer if there’s an overgrowth of animal species. Allowing the animal population to grow rapidly may cause suffering due to a shortage of food. Uncontrolled animal growth can also cause vehicular accidents that can lead to fatal human accidents.

CONS: Though there are laws that have been mandated, there are still a lot of individuals who lead to abusive practices and result in hunting endangered species. Some species have been extinct due to these illegal practices.

2. Mental Health

PROS: Hunting can help you become more patient, you’ll develop physical balance and mental relaxation resulting in improved social well-being. Allowing yourself to enjoy nature and appreciate the wild helps in improving your mood and self-esteem.

CONS: Hunting can take a long time to learn and is not for everyone, though nature helps in clearing your mind, hunting living things can be traumatic for some. Before engaging in this activity, make sure that you are aware of what you’ll be expecting when hunting.

3. Financial 

PROS: Hunting is also the main source of income for many people. Aside from that, hunter spending helps the U.S. economy as they generate millions of dollars per day. This is because a lot of hunters take so many trips to the forest and spend a lot on their gear and travel accommodations to be comfortable.

CONS: Though it benefits the economy, hunting is an expensive hobby. A fully guided hunt costs around $2,000 to $15,000 per trip. This depends on the location and type of animal you’ll be hunting. The gears, clothing, firearms, and other accessories are not cheap, you cannot leave this out because you can’t be successful in hunting if you do not have the proper equipment.

4. Family Bonding

PROS: In today’s world, children and adults are more inclined in their computers rather than spend time with their family. Hunting helps you create good memories and camaraderie among family members without the technology involved. This can strengthen the bonds of children and their parents.

CONS: Not everyone shares the same beliefs, even when you are blood-related, hunting can cause conflict with your loved ones who have different ethics.

No matter what sport or hobby you’d like to try, always remember to be respectful and follow the rules and regulations of a certain sport.