My First Time Going Coyote Hunting

Shortly after my boyfriend and I had started dating, he asked me if I wanted to go coyote hunting with him and this old farmer friend of his. I of course said yes, I had always wanted to go coyote hunting, but I didn’t know anyone who did to take me and teach me. Saturday comes we get up early 5:30 am we get the coffee going, oh how I needed a cup. I was so excited for my first coyote hunt. Started to get ready, Bill loans me one of his guns to hunt with, since I didn’t own a smaller caliber rifle. We get the guns, caller, and some misc. things loaded into the truck. Mike arrives around 6:30 and we head out Mike and Bill were trying to decide which field would be good since we had a Northwind. They choose a field and we walked in and set up. Mike went down one side of the field and Bill, and I went to another we were probably a couple of hundred feet apart. Started calling, he started out with fawns distress then went to rabbits distress and some howls, but nothing came in. WE called for probably 25- 30 minutes which I loved, since I’m not very good at sitting in one spot for very long, I see a lot of squirrels and shiny things. So, we packed up and headed to the next field. This one had some deer in it, so we snuck in quietly. It was a big hayfield with trees on all sides and a hill that swooped down towards a heavily wooded area. Mike went along the east side of the field where he could see an area better that we couldn’t see and Bill, and I sat at the south end of the field. We were all set up, Bill started calling using the fawn distress which drew in a doe. So, he switched the call to some coyote howls, boy that pissed the doe off she started charging the caller and stomping her feet and blowing, it was amazing I had never seen anything like it. So, finally the deer leaves, and we lookout in the distance and could see some coyotes at the tree line. Bill plays some rabbit distress calls and 2 coyotes come running up Mike shoots the first one and the other was on a mission right to the caller. I was like a fumbling idiot, I had never used a bi-pod before and I kept getting hung up in the weeds, but Bill was my backup and shot it. So, we had 2 coyotes down we were all happy and continued to keep calling for a bit. Well, it wasn’t long after another pair comes running in and Mike gets his second coyote. So, we pack up our things go and grab the coyotes, and head home. Mike was so excited it had been a long time since he had shot a coyote and it was his first double in one sitting that he had gotten. So, he started to call me the lucky charm.

It was such an exhilarating experience for me I had never done or seen anything like it. I was hooked could wait to go again it was my kind of hunting didn’t have to sit still in one spot for long periods of time and wait for something to come in, we would just use the caller for 25-45 minutes and if nothing came in, we were off to another field. I have been hooked ever since. I love being outdoors and enjoying the wildlife and learning the sounds of what animals make. Since then I have learned so much and continue to keep learning and enjoying the outdoors.