How to Prepare for a 3 Day Hiking Trip


Hiking is a strenuous activity that needs mental and physical preparation. If you’re planning to explore the mountains through a 3-day hike, planning and preparation are extremely important. Knowing what to expect can make a difference between a good hike and an unforgettable one. Here’s a checklist to guide you on how you can prepare for a 3-day hike.

Plan Your Food

Fresh food is not an option when hiking, though you can pack perishable foods like sandwiches, it is still best to consume them within 24 hours, or pack them within a cold source. Packing food can be a little bit challenging, including easy-to-carry canned foods, cereals, or precooked food that will make your hiking life easier. Do not forget your trail mix! This will give you a quick energy boost needed for the hike.

Water Filtration/ Treatment

Aside from food, planning your hydration is important as you need to be hydrated during your hike. You’ll often pack a water bottle, but that wouldn’t suffice if you’re planning for a 3-day hike. If you don’t own a water filter, you can opt-in using aqua tabs or boiling process to manage your water purification.

Sleeping Bag

Consider investing in lightweight, packable, high-quality, warm sleeping bags. A synthetic sleeping bag would be a good choice for your first bag because it is versatile and usually more affordable. Not bringing a sleeping bag with you can make a cold night feel a whole lot longer, better not forget this one!

Medical Supplies

Bringing your medical kit is a must. Ensure to stock your health supplies and prescription medicine so that you are prepared in case of accidents or injury. Never go on a hike without your first aid kit.

Flashlight Or Headlamp

Trails can be tricky to maneuver at night, bringing a flashlight or a headlamp with you can help you go through the mountains and avoid any harmful obstacles such as rocks, tree roots, or animals. A headlight is popular with backpackers as it allows your hand to be used freely and not have to hold on to a light source. Bringing extra batteries with you won’t be a bad idea too.

Extra Pair Of Socks Or Underwear

It is recommended to change your socks at least once, daily. The same goes with your underwear. The weather can be unpredictable, whether you got caught up with downpour rain, or have been sweating due to 100°F hot weather, having an extra pair of undergarments will help you feel comfortable and avoid getting all soiled up.


Spending the night in the mountains can get extremely cold, you don’t want to be shivering in the middle of the night and risk yourself catching a flu! Make sure to bring a puffy jacket with you to keep you warm.