How to Look for the Perfect Camp Site

Finding the perfect campsite is an essential part of the camping experience. Camping is a great way to relax and steer away from the city’s fast-paced lifestyle. Making sure to have a good night’s sleep, and a quality campsite will contribute to a great trip.

Looking for a good campsite starts at home. Before planning to head out, it is best to check the availability of established campsites by contacting the Land Management Agency. Also, recommendations by friends and family are a great way to look for a campsite.

Do your research. Even when staying at an established campsite, we can never be too sure of the dangers surrounding it. Before setting up your tent, make sure to find flat ground to pitch, avoid camping under dead branches, or drying trees as the wind may get stronger and fall on you. Packing light is also an essential part of keeping you safe, carry what you can, and avoid bringing unnecessary items. This will help you move out quickly in case you encounter danger like forest fires, or…. bears!

Going to the outdoors means a lot of energy will be used up. That includes hiking and setting up your gears! Sometimes, the water you bring may not suffice the entire trip as you need this for cooking, cleaning, and of course, satisfying your thirst. So, make sure to set up your tent in a location where you can collect water.

The perfect campsite should be a place where you can relax by the sight of beautiful trees or rock formations. No one wants to camp near bug-infested streams or swamps. Camping 200 feet away from water is also a great place to pitch your tent as you can enjoy more activities like fishing, or swimming.

As much as you want to be alone on your camping trip, others may have the same idea as you. Camping next to a group of people may make your trip less peaceful, so don’t settle on pitching on the first ground you spot on. Respecting each other’s privacy is a must, if you think you’re too close, find yourself a better spot! The wilderness is as wide as you think it is!

Looking for a great campsite is one of the highlights of your trip. As much as you want a scenic view and less crowded space, make sure that your comfort will not be compromised. But not all experiences are the same, sometimes it takes two to three trips outdoors, a muddy shoe, and a broken tent to find the best spot for you, but once you do, you’ll definitely be coming back and it will make you feel like it’s your second home.