How to Choose Camping Tent

Shopping for a tent can be overwhelming, there are a lot of different options that can confuse you when deciding which one you should get. Tents are broken down into three different categories which are: backpacking tents, camping tents, and mountaineering tents. Right now, we’ll be focusing more on how to choose a camping tent.

Camping tents are most commonly used for recreational campers. These tents are light enough to carry if you’re planning an overnight or a weekend camping trip. Here are a few tips to know what to look for when getting one:

1. Determine the Capacity

The first thing to check is the capacity, before heading out to buy your tent, make sure to know how many people will sleep in it. This is a factor to consider in determining what size you will need. For you to know if you’ll have enough space, you’ll need to check the peak height and floor area. This will determine whether or not you’ll be able to sit up, or crouch inside your tent.

2. Weight

It is best to get an ultralight tent that weighs less than 2 pounds per person. Bigger tents are harder to carry and sometimes they may be bigger than what you’ll actually need. Keep in mind, that the roomier the camping tent, the heavier it will be.

3. Tent Poles

Tent poles are usually made of aluminum or fiberglass. If you want something lighter that has a longer lifespan, aluminum is the one to get, it is also the most common pole that is used by campers as they have better quality. If you are setting up a one-time tent, and you do not want to invest in it, fiberglass is the option for you as the price is cheaper but it will be heavier and quality is not as good because it usually shatters when it breaks. It is advisable to get freestanding poles for camping tents as it is easier to set up.

4. Tent Material

When checking for a tent, look for the material of the tent floor, look for a feature that has a waterproof material to protect you front the rain or wind. The seam-type and high denier fabric will help reduce leakage on your camping tent.

5. Tent Vestibules

A tent’s vestibule is an extra space of sheltering attached to your tent for the purpose of storing your muddy boots or stowing your gears. Not all tents have this, it’s space-saving and functional so it’s worth considering when purchasing your tent. If you already purchased a tent and noticed that it does not have a vestibule, check the model and see if you can purchase it separately and attach it to your tent.