Hiking Solo VS Hiking in a Group

We all hike for different reasons – for exercise, change of scenery, to breathe fresher air, or merely just escaping the city. Whether you prefer going solo or in a group, hiking has a lot of benefits that are good for your mind and body.

Solo Hiking

PROS: Going on a solo hike doesn’t mean you’re anti-social and don’t want to mingle with other people. Sometimes, when one is caught up with the busyness of life and is often never alone, looking for a place of solitude is the place to be. It gives you time for self-actualization, and a chance to meditate. When you go on a solo hike, you are at your own pace, when you’re in a group, delays and a bit of chaos are to be expected, and instead of you having time to feel relaxed and peaceful, this unavoidable circumstance can trigger a stressor point in you.

CONS: Hiking alone can be scary, when you come across trouble, there’s no one you can count on but yourself. If you’re one to decide to hike alone, make sure you make all the necessary planning and precautions.

Group Hiking

PROS: Just like how the tag line goes, ”The more the merrier!” – Hiking with friends or in a group is a lot of fun and can build special bonds and memories that last a lifetime. It’s also less scary when you hike with your friends, when adventures come your way, such as getting lost or encountering an exotic animal, these moments are best when shared. Hiking in a group is also safer, especially for beginners who don’t have any experience, going with friends gives you the security and relief if you’re feeling scared or overwhelmed, there is someone you can rely on and help you.

CONS: Hiking will eventually lead you to a louder crowd, if you’re not one to enjoy noise, a group hike might not be for you. When you’re in a group, delays are to be expected, not everyone has the same pace when it comes to hiking, so have you need to exercise patience and have a respectful attitude.

Solo or group hiking is not for everyone, but if you’re still undecided, try to experience both as it will surprise you. At the end of your hiking trip, it will definitely leave you feeling renewed and rewarding. Though the wilderness frightens everyone because of the unknown, the memories and joy it comes with will make you come back for more. So don’t forget to bring your camera and capture the beautiful scenery or wildlife you may encounter. Introduce the outdoors to your friends and family, who knows, they might be tagging along with you on your next trip. Happy hiking!