Hardcore Accessories for the Hardworking Woman

Young woman using electric screwdriver to installation

If you’re looking for jewelry, that isn’t the type of accessory we are here to discuss. No, there are hardcore accessories that every hard-working woman needs in her closet to get the job done. Let’s throw out the makeup, earrings, heels, and handbags and get down to brass tacks, so you know exactly what to buy.


Whether you’re working construction, dealing with electrical, or just shoveling snow, a pair of gloves is vital to protect your hands from the elements and hours of hard work. However, it’s essential to keep in mind precisely what you’ll need them for, as certain styles offer better protection from the cold while others give you a better grip. You’ll also need to decide whether or not you should invest in a pair that offers electric shock protection or are impervious to wood chips and splinters. It’s not a bad idea to have at least two pairs as well, especially if you live in an area with stark seasonal changes.


While some women will need a hard hat on the job, others need a way to keep their hair up and contained while keeping the sun out of their eyes and off their necks. Your hat choice can make a huge difference in how you feel by the end of the day. For instance, in winter, a large portion of your body heat is lost without headwear, while in summer, the sun can quickly drain you of energy if you don’t carry ample shade with you. Consider your job before purchasing, as sometimes a hat can be more of a liability, primarily if you work in a warehouse or with heavy machinery.


Steel-toed boots used to be the realm of industrial workers, but the strong and lightweight versatility on offer in the market make them a viable option for nearly every job. Your boots will be your biggest investment. Go for quality that fits well. It’s high ly recommended that you purchase your first pair in person, or at least try them on in-store to see which brand fits your foot best before buying online. If you work hard, you already know that your footwear can make or break you after a few hours. Also, b e sure to break them in by wearing them during your off hours before putting them to a twelve-hour workday test drive.


Whether you’re working with horses, hammers, electrical sockets, or just out in the yard, a toolbelt can make a huge difference. It’s recently been offered in a women’s version, which is great because wearing a men’s style toolbelt often doesn’t fit with the clothing purchased for a workday (or a woman’s body type). Consider your job description and then choose the best one for y ou. Always go for quality leather or durable materials that offer enough flexibility, or you’ll find yourself readjusting it often. You can also buy a basic toolbelt in the style of your choice and then add the accessories needed for your specific line of work.