Fun Clothing and Accessories for Women in Construction

Modern women working at construction site

When it comes to specific jobs, your clothing is meant to not only cover you but protect you as well. Construction, especially, requires clothing that can withstand all sorts of issues, from fiberglass dust to wood splinters and any other questionable materials that might be on the job site. What’s more, the right accessories can protect you from hazards and accidents, as well. That’s why it’s imperative to wear the appropriate items for the job. That said, not all of us want to wear items that are unisex or relatively drab. Some of us would rather stand out than blend in, proving that women of all sorts can do the job just as well as men.

For instance, on many sites, you’ll be required to wear a hard hat. Still, there’s no reason you can’t do so with a bit of flair. Don’t get me wrong, white is a fantastic color, but there are hard hats on the market from reputable makers that come in various colors and provide the same protection. Pants, boots, and shirts are all imperative as well, and with more women’s workwear hitting the market each year, some fun choices go far beyond the mundane khaki and black. Let’s look at the best websites for women’s construction and safety gear that doesn’t follow the beat of a monotonous drum.
Safetygirl is committed to offering construction clothing and gear in colors that many women love. They offer shirts, pants, high visibility, outerwear, work boots, accessories, and safety gear from companies like Carhartt, Carolina Boots, Dickies, Puma Safety, Reebok, Timberland Pro, and Wolverine. They’re serious about safety and serious about quality clothes for women in the construction field, making it easy to find everything you need in one accessible place.
From performance leggings to steel-toed boots, the women’s workwear section on Constructiongear has a lot to offer. Like Safetygirl, they provide a wide variety of brands, but things are a bit more tailored and muted. Not every woman loves pink, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want color in our work wardrobes. You’ll find Dickies, Key Industries, Wrangler, Carhartt, Occunomix, and Pyramex for clothes, as well as Nautilus, Rugged Blue, Timberland Pro, and Puma Safety for shoes.
Degemmill has a subsection within their website called “She’s in Construction,” which specializes in women’s safety gear. They have high visibility clothing, protective eyewear, full-body harnesses, and hard hats in fun, bright colors outside of what you usually see on the job site. Even better, they section everything out by job type, so you know you’re getting exactly what you need to be fully prepared.

That’s it for now, ladies! Keep in mind that many of the brands listed here also have phenomenal women’s workwear on their websites, so be sure to compare prices. In a few years, there will be even more on the market. Work hard and look good doing it!