Choosing the Best Hiking Backpack

As everyone knows, exercising is good for your health, if you are not the type to spend excruciating time in the gym, maybe outdoor sports, such as hiking would be best for you. Not only that you get to enjoy the scenery, but it is also a good bonding experience with your friends or family. One thing to consider when hiking is the stuff you will need to bring with you, hence, you need to get the best backpack that will be suitable for a hiking trip. But unfortunately, choosing the backpack for you is not as easy as it sounds because there’s a wide range of options in the market. With the help of this article, you will be able to note down what you need to consider for your hiking bag.

Easy to Access Interior

Hiking backpacks are usually narrow and most straps are hard to open, sometimes grabbing the stuff you need like a protein bar or a camera might be time-consuming and troublesome, that is why choosing one that has easy access to the insides of your bag will be more effortless for you.

Padded Straps

One of the most important factors when choosing a hiking backpack is its comfort. Depending on the number of days you will be hiking and what you’ll be bringing with you contributes to the heaviness of your bag which will comprise your comfort. Having a backpack that has padded straps and a hip belt will help carry the weight.

Zippered Pockets

This is useful to store small items for quick access like cellphone, keys, cash, or snacks. This is also ideal for people who like to carry a lot of stuff.

Side Pocket

It is mainly used for easy access in storing water bottles, tent poles, or other loose objects. It is best to get a hiking backpack that has a stretchy mesh design with compression straps for keeping the bottle in place and storing other items.

Rain Cover

Most hiking backpacks already come with a detachable rain cover. The weather is unpredictable that is why a rain cover is a practical addition, you wouldn’t want your stuff to get drenched in the rain. This will keep your belongings dry and prevent discomfort as the rain will weigh down your backpack when drenched in the fabric.

On top of all these, the material of your backpack can make or break its quality and effectiveness during your hike. Thus, choosing the right material is crucial when choosing for your hiking backpack, look for high-quality materials such as a heavy-duty nylon liner, brass hardware, and waxed canvas these are some examples of materials that get better with age and can extend the life of your backpack.